January 31, 2023

‘Love Island’ star Malin Andersson has hit back at cruel mom shamers after she was criticized for her drastic weight loss.

The TV star took to her Instagram feed to show off her incredible figure in a blue lace lingerie set.



Malin responded with a body-positive Instagram post.Credit: instagram/@missmalinsara
The star rose to fame on Love Island in 2016.


The star rose to fame on Love Island in 2016.1 credit

Malin, 30, who rose to fame on the second series of the ITV2 dating show in 2016, recently gave birth to her second child.

The TV star gave birth to daughter Shaya last February and has been hard at the gym ever since.

She took to Instagram to show off her body as she stripped down to her underwear, acting natural without makeup.

The mother-of-two looked stunning with her long dark locks cascading down her back as she pouted.


Malin took the caption to show that she struggled with her mother’s cruel shame after her pregnancy.

The star said that in many of her recent posts, she “hidden” negative fan comments.

She hit back at the trolls by encouraging them to promote “body positivity” in a lengthy post.


“Even though I had so many messages and encouragements on my fitness and mental wellness journey, I also had fans unfollowing me for ‘losing weight,'” she told her fans.

“Let me point out that the weight loss came to me when I chose a healthier lifestyle throughout the year.

“Now I have always been a body positivity advocate, which means reaching out to every part of you. Regardless of size.


“But what I don’t like is that people judge me for taking care of my fitness and health.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t do my funny videos in lingerie or many posts about bikinis, etc. I even wore a shirt in yesterday’s video because I wanted to cover up.

“I was so afraid that I would be judged for not looking the same – I wrote a few stories, but I seriously hid myself, and I don’t even know why I let this bother me …

“So today I woke up and thought that I don’t need flying monkeys anymore, because this is my body and I feel strong and mentally better.

“I will never shove any fitness or diet plan to any of you because it’s not me, but all I can say is that exercise and nutritious food has put my head in a better place.”

Her friends and fans enthusiastically filled the comment section, with Lauren Goodger writing, “What’s wrong with your body? I think it’s good!”

Sarah Jane Crawford chimed in: “Love you, keep up the good work.”

“Why do people think that body positivity is only for big people. Body positivity is for everyone! wrote a fan.

The second agreed: “People should just stop commenting on people’s bodies, it really is that simple!”

Malin revealed last year that she had lost weight after breaking up with her boyfriend and becoming a mom.

Malin separated from the father of her baby Jared just two weeks after giving birth and has since had baby Shaya.

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For the past nine months, Malin has focused on herself both mentally and physically.

The reality TV star shared before and after photos on social media of her posing in a tracksuit.

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