January 31, 2023

The King is looking for a new employee to work at the royal banquets, but applicants will need good taste to get this role.

The successful candidate will soon find himself playing an important role in hosting major government events, with the job posting saying, “Two days won’t be the same.”



Buckingham Palace seeks new purchasing and administration assistant

Successful candidates will be in charge of ordering food for royal banquets and feeding the king and his guests.


Successful candidates will be in charge of ordering food for royal banquets and feeding the king and his guests.

Buckingham Palace has announced the hiring of a new Purchasing and Administrative Assistant, whose job it is to make sure banquet food is on order and up to specification.

They will work with outside suppliers to buy “fresh and high quality” products that will end up on the plates of the king and his guests of honor.

Future work will also be responsible for ensuring that all royal staff eat healthy food.

Anyone can apply if you think you can handle the responsibility of feeding the king himself.


The role in the master’s office requires 40 hours a week and involves spending two months a year at other royal residences.

So trips to Sandringham and Windsor Castle are possible for one lucky person.

It also offers “competitive” wages, according to the ad.


The announcement reads: “By joining this professional and close-knit team, you will coordinate food procurement for a wide range of events and catering needs, from daily employee meals to State dinners.

“You will get a real sense of how this rapidly changing environment works… No day is ever the same.

“In everything you do, you help the team deliver exceptional meals for all occasions.”


Some receptionist experience and professional food and beverage ordering skills are welcome, but no significant experience is listed.

Applicants must also be confident in their computer skills and be able to work within deadlines.

Describing the type of person Palace is looking for, the ad continues: “Collective and professional, you will enjoy keeping in touch with a wide range of internal and external people using your communication skills on a daily basis.

“By working easily in a team and showing a willingness to help others, you will quickly become a reliable and indispensable member of the team.

“Most importantly, you have a clear passion for food and the food service industry and take pride in doing your job to the highest standards.”

The interviews are scheduled to take place this month and the app is available online on the royal court’s website.

Key role in organizing these major state events


The role is key in organizing these major government events

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