January 27, 2023

The report states that the MURDERER was given the “freedom to kill” three children and his pregnant girlfriend after “blunders” by the Probation Service.

This week, Damien Bendall, 32, was sentenced to life in prison for killing his victims with a hammer in Killamarch, Derbyshire, last September.



Damien Bendell, pictured, was sentenced to life in prison earlier this week for four murders.1 credit
Mother Terry Harris with her children Lacey Bennett and John Paul Bennett


Mother Terry Harris with her children Lacey Bennett and John Paul Bennett1 credit
Bendall also killed Connie Ghent, pictured


Bendall also killed Connie Ghent, pictured1 credit

The horrific murders came just three months after Bendall received a suspended sentence for arson.

It has now come to light that the probation officer who reviewed Bendall’s records for sentencing the judge in the arson case has been fired for gross misconduct after misclassifying him as “medium risk” rather than “high risk.”

Bendall, who had a history of violence, is unlikely to have been free to commit the shocking murders if the pre-sentencing report accurately reflected his risk, according to probation officers.

It is believed that the probation officer in question spent a lot of time working from home, meaning that other team members did not have the usual opportunities to give advice or read the report. Telegraph reports.


Supervision of Bendall on probation was transferred from Swindon, where the arson occurred, to the East Midlands, where another officer was reportedly found guilty of misconduct for referring the case to a trainee.

The Department of Justice ordered the Chief Probation Inspector to conduct a full review of the case.

The report should be published in the new year.


A September report showed that supervised criminals commit about 500 serious offenses a year.

The agency has also been hit by high-profile scandals, such as Joseph McCann, who, while under surveillance, staged violent sexual acts across the country.

Terrorist Usman Khan was under surveillance when he killed two people at Fishmongers Hall in London.


Sir Robert Buckland, who served as Attorney General three days before the Killamarsh murders, told the newspaper: “I think we must admit that such a mistake is just a terrible failure.

“The ministry needs to be as open and transparent as possible about why this happened and, most importantly, make sure that the risk of this repeat happening is minimized, if not eliminated.

“Honestly, there must be processes that mean that various thresholds and tests will be met before such a fundamental mistake can be made.”

It is understood that the officer who prepared the report prior to the Swindon verdict was unable to access all background information on Bendall and therefore did not enter all the important details into the computer system to calculate his risk.

A probation officer told the news outlet, “The risk assessment was lower than it should have been. It should have been labeled “high risk of harm”, but instead it was rated “medium risk”. As a result, he was identified as an intern – this would not have happened if he was “high-risk”.

Bendall was allowed to return to his partner Terry Harris’ home on the condition that he wear the electronic tag and meet regularly with the probation officer.

However, during the trial, it was revealed that he was a drug user and fueled by cocaine when he beat Terry and her children to death John Bennet, 13, Lacey Bennet, 11, and Lacey’s friend Connie Gent, also 11, who was there on the dream is over.

Bendall then raped Lacey as she lay dying before taking a taxi to Sheffield to trade John’s Xbox for drugs.

The executive found guilty of misconduct in the East Midlands did not read Bendall’s entire backstory before turning his case over to an intern, sources said.

The warden is expected to appeal the misconduct findings as he was responsible for overseeing approximately 30 officers due to a lack of staff in the region.

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The man did not lose his job.

A Justice Department spokesman said: “These were horrendous crimes and our thoughts remain with the families of the victims. The Deputy Prime Minister has asked the Chief Inspector of Probation to review this case and we will respond further as soon as it is released.”

Bendall called the police and told them that he had killed four people.


Bendall called the police and told them that he had killed four people.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.
Bendall committed horrific murders at Terry's home in Derbyshire.


Bendall committed horrific murders at Terry’s home in Derbyshire.1 credit

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