January 27, 2023

JEFF Brazier was seen fleeing the country after announcing his shock split from his wife Kate.

The father-of-two revealed on his Instagram that he took off taking photos from the window of an airplane.



Jeff and Kate revealed they broke up yesterday1 credit
Jeff showed the view from above


Jeff showed the view from aboveCredit: Jeffbrazier/Instagram

Jeff, 43, revealed that he and Kate separated “early this year” after nearly a decade of being together yesterday.

He wasted no time in taking a seat—for he said he was leaving on Tuesday alone to have some alone time.

Jeff took the picture from the plane’s window over the coast with rolling hills beyond, but did not name his destination.

Instead, he simply posted the picture to his Instagram stories, along with the song from the Ry Cooder soundtrack, “Paris, Texas.”


It comes after fans noticed a number of signs that Jeff and Kate had broken up months before they announced it on social media.

The father-of-two revealed yesterday that he and Kate, who met in 2013 and married in 2018, had moved out of the house.

“My nine-year relationship ended at the beginning of the year and I’ve been working on it, in addition to supporting someone close to me who is going through something difficult,” he said.


“The boys and I recently moved to a new area and I spend most of my time alone as the boys obviously have their own stuff.”

Fans think they’ve noticed the couple’s problems after they haven’t been photographed together on social media since Kate’s birthday.

The couple snuggled up on the couch together for a picture on July 10, as they appeared to be heading out for lunch together.


Since then, Jeff has instead posed alone or with his two boys, Bobby, 19, and Freddie, 18, in a series of family snaps.

Just a few weeks later, he made another allusion in a video with his sons he shared with the late Jade Goody, as they explained that it was “just three”.

Jeff then took to his Instagram feed to reveal that he had flown to Thailand, where Kate was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, Kate was photographed posing in a mirror in Ibiza, snuggling up to one of her pals as she admired their “unconditional friendship.”

It comes after Kate hinted at their split a few weeks ago with a cryptic post about their dog.

She posted on her social media about the cute English Bulldog, calling it her “biggest blessing”.

Her fans couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t mention Jeff or his sons in the post and turned to the comments to ask.

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“What about Jeff and the boys, aren’t they your greatest blessing?” wrote one of them in a post published in July.

Looks like Jeff is flying out alone tonight.


Looks like Jeff is flying out alone tonight.1 credit

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