January 31, 2023

SHE knows her angle so well that she can make herself look completely different just by focusing on her face.

But Natasha admitted that it’s often difficult when potential love interests want to meet and hasn’t seen her in all her glory.



Natasha is so good at angles that she can fool people into thinking she isn’t big.Credit: Tik Tok
Only when she moves away from the camera, she shows her figure in all its glory.


Only when she moves away from the camera, she shows her figure in all its glory.Credit: Tik Tok

Exit to TikTokshe shared a video of herself that focused on her face and her black and pink hair.

“When he asks when you can finally meet him, but he only saw your face and you are good at angles,” she wrote at the top of the clip.

She then leaned back to show her belly and said, “Next question!”

“Who has anything to do with this?” Natasha signed her video.


And the comments section quickly filled up with comments from people who might have had something to do with Natasha’s situation.

“Why are we doing this to ourselves?” one person asked.

“I gradually start sending them photos from the worst angles,” added another.


While a third commented: “I always tell them I’m fat, find the worst photo and send them that if they’re still interested, then at least they’ve been warned.”

“That’s why I always post photos on my profile that show my body so as not to put myself under stress because they will reject me because of my size when we meet,” wrote someone else.

“The same thing, but the last time I dated a guy, he came to my country and now we live together and now he is my fiancé,” said another.


“Literally going through this right now,” someone else sighed.

As another added, “Angles are everything.”

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