January 31, 2023

The PLUS-SIZE woman shared that she’s going to wear whatever she pleases.

The body-positive woman doesn’t care what others say, and she dresses for the weather.


TikTok / Beclarissajane

Plus-size woman shared that she wears whatever she likes

She don't let the haters get to her

TikTok / Beclarissajane

She don’t let the haters get to her

“I weigh 252 pounds/18 stone. My size is UK 20-22. I went shopping like this because it’s HOT,” wrote Clarissa Jane on the social network. video.

She was wearing a black crop top and black biker shorts.

“I’m not ashamed of my weight/size and neither should you,” she added in the caption.

Some people were extremely grateful for the inspiration.


“God, you are the same size/weight. It’s amazing how we all deal with it differently. I wish I had your trust,” one of them said.

“I needed this, I’m not sure I can take the advice at the moment, but the last couple of days I’ve been completely overwhelmed trying to find something suitable,” added another.

Others praised the woman for how gorgeous she looks.


“You look great,” wrote one of them.

“Well! You look amazing,” added the second.

Another plus-sized woman might well understand.


She wrote, “I’m just like me, I’ll be wearing tiny crops and my butt because I look cute!! Refuse to be rejected.”

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