January 27, 2023

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a perfectly fitted outfit and shapewear.

One TikTok user shared her honest review of the viral SKIMS bodysuit — and one major flaw.



TikTok user @Alessagabrielle_ bought viral shapewearPhoto: Tiktok/@alessagabrielle_

TikTok creator Alessa Gabriel Found on the @alessagabrielle_ page on the app, she makes fashion videos to help mid-sized girls feel confident.

After users begged to try on the SKIMS bodysuit, the digital content creator bought the best-selling shapewear and shared her honest review on TikTok.

Sculpted body thong ($62) went viral on TikTok for its nice fit and comfort.

“I’m very happy to try it on,” Gabrielle said. In the comments, she noted that she bought a bodysuit in size S/M.


Gabrielle checked the bodysuit to see if the tight waist would help her squeeze into jeans that no longer fit.

“I have jeans that used to fit me, and now I can’t even button them,” she said.

After trying on the bodysuit, Gabrielle remarked that it was “too small”.


“The clasps don’t even snap,” she added. “I’ll definitely up the size.”

“Their size chart is not very accurate,” she added.

However, the tiktoker was able to squeeze into her shorts thanks to the slimming bodysuit.


She then tried on a pair of jeans, but the buttons didn’t close.

The middle-sized influencer was disappointed with the SKIMS bodysuit.


The middle-sized influencer was disappointed with the SKIMS bodysuit.Photo: Tiktok/@alessagabrielle_
A mid-sized influencer bought a S/M size SKIMS bodysuit.


A mid-sized influencer bought a S/M size SKIMS bodysuit.Photo: Tiktok/@alessagabrielle_

“I definitely feel like it smooths everything out,” she added.

“I’m going to buy a size up,” she concluded.

TikTok users shared their SKIMS experience. One user wrote: “It made me feel smooth and comfortable. However, it didn’t make me feel super grabbed.”

Another user agreed: “I got the right size thigh, [it was] hard to put on, definitely doesn’t work wonders with pants.”

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