January 31, 2023

An AN Only Fans model reveals how a possessed stalker turned her life into hell with a bullying campaign.

Hannah Palmer, 24, said that a maniac broke into her mother’s house and demanded to see her, filmed her while she was in her apartment, and posted the footage on the network.



Hannah Palmer became an Only Fans model.Credit: Instagram/hannah_cpalmer
24-year-old Pyzh was bullied


24-year-old Pyzh was bulliedCredit: Instagram/hannah_cpalmer
Hanna started receiving messages with her photos from an unknown number


Hanna started receiving messages with her photos from an unknown numberCredit: Instagram/hannah_cpalmer

Hanna from USA joined Only fans in March 2021 and claims to have made around £4m since then.

She said the stalker followed her “everywhere” and she even had to hire a cybersecurity firm to keep him from stalking her online.

Hannah revealed that her first encounter with a stalker was in 2019 at her Los Angeles apartment when, she said, the man filmed her through his apartment window across the courtyard.

“He was waiting for me to use my balcony to record me there, and videos were posted online on some dubious websites,” she told the Daily Mail.


After googling her own name and doing some internet digging, she found a video of herself and other people in the building.

At some point, she turned to the FBI for help, and once she bought a second phone, trying to hide her number from strangers.

But the persecution didn’t end there, and shortly after she moved into a new home last year, she began to be persecuted again.


“I started getting texts from an unknown number, including pictures of my house taken from their backyard, inside pictures of my house from Zillow, and nasty verbal abuse,” she claims.

“He also threatened me and my family, both violently and sexually.”

Hannah said she contacted the police and she issued an injunction against her stalker.


Since then, nothing else has happened, but she still does not take risks.

“I have taken every possible precaution to hide my phone number and personal information online.

“I have since invested in a state of the art home security system. And if I have crazy stalkers again, I will file a police report or a restraining order if necessary.”

It comes after a woman revealed how a possessed OnlyFans stalker broke into her home and even ambushed her while on holiday in Ibiza.

Abigail Furness, 21, was horrified after Jamie Spears, 37, launched a year-long bullying campaign.

Trash spied on Abigail through her bedroom window and followed her down the street in disguise after becoming obsessed with her OnlyFans.

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