January 27, 2023

The top of the Dominos uniform has undergone significant changes over the years.

An OG Domino employee shared how her shirts have changed over the years at the pizza chain, and people think these shirts suit her.



A Domino’s employee shared a uniform she’s worn for years.Credit: TikTok/Maserlaser
People think she looks great in tops


People think she looks great in topsCredit: TikTok/Maserlaser

AT videoshe was responding to someone’s comment that said, “What’s your favorite Dominos uniform color?”

“I think we should do a poll. What do you like the most? Maze asked her followers.

First, she modeled the most recent version of her form.

“We have a new blue, grey,” she said. She wore a blue top with the Dominos logo and a matching cap.


She couldn’t find the right cap for the next top in the line, an old black one with blue side panels.

As for the latest top she tried on, the oldest of them all, Maze asked viewers, “Do you want to keep it old school?”

Most of the upper was white, with red and blue blocking at the top.


While the other two jerseys featured minimalistic versions of the Dominos logo, the final jersey featured a slightly more intricate logo, including the words “Domino’s Pizza”.

In the comments, people shared their feedback on which top they liked best, and while most people preferred the old-school white top, some emphasized that they love the look of Maze in all the tops.

“They all look good on you,” one person praised.


“You look great either way,” added the second.

Social media users preferred the old school top


Social media users preferred the old school topCredit: TikTok/Maserlaser

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