January 27, 2023

SERVERS and baristas have shared an apron trick they use to show off their butts.

One Starbucks employee said she’s modeled this look for years.



Starbucks employee Jessie says she’s been using the viral apron trick for five years.Credit: TikTok/jessibfit

TikTok user @jessibfit showed off her casual look while working as a barista.

In her clipJessie wrote, “Five years of using the ‘It girl’ apron trick.”

The influencer brought the famous green apron to her body, wrapping the bottom of it around her before getting ready to put the top around her neck.

Then, turning around, she demonstrated her strategy for the snatched silhouette.


Jessie wrapped her waist tie around her back, bringing it forward where she tied it tightly around her stomach.

The finished look gave the barista a tapered waist and perfectly defined hips.

Seeing her glow, one man asked the barista to do something rough with his coffee.


A viewer asked her to add an off-menu flavor to his drink order.

The man asked Jesse to add some flatness to his flat white.

The unappetizing order took the barista by surprise, and she simply replied, “Sir.”


Other TikTok users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the apron tip.

Another user said “Now I’m at the point where it’s a signature move.”

A third person indicated that using the trick would bring her “good advice”.

barista modeled "it's a girl" apron trick for her followers


The barista showed her followers the “It girl” apron trick.Credit: TikTok/jessibfit

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