January 27, 2023

A devastated mother of four has revealed how she can’t afford Christmas as rising costs make her eat her kids’ leftovers to survive.

Victoria Walker rarely turns on the heat at her family’s house in Bath, Somerset, in a desperate attempt to save money.



A single mother living off her children’s scraps can’t afford Christmas1 credit

And as the cost-of-living crisis took hold, Victoria was forced to eat only leftovers to get through the day.

She told ITV: “If I really don’t have to, I won’t eat.

“I fill myself with tea and coffee. I personally would like the children to eat.”

Victoria’s 11-year-old daughter donated her pocket money to help her family buy basic food items such as bread and milk.


“I’m just sad, it breaks my heart,” Mom added.

“Christmas looks sad to me.”

Victoria, like many other people in the UK, receives help from Action for Children.


Helen Stockwell of the charity says she has never seen anything like it before.

She said: “I have families who say they can’t go to outdoor games because they can’t afford jackets for kids to keep warm when they’re outside.

A recent charity study found that 98% of parents worry about money, and Christmas only adds to the pressure.


One in five children can offer their pocket money to cover the cost of the holiday season.

Families can ask for help paying their bills this holiday season.

Other Ways to Get Cost of Living Assistance

In May, the government announced that millions of households would receive £400 to pay their electricity bills this winter.

The £400 payment will be split into six monthly payments between October this year and March 2023.

The first two payments were £66 and the other four were £67.

For most energy consumers, their monthly bills are automatically reduced.

However, households with traditional prepaid meters are instead sent vouchers to be redeemed at the nearest recharge point.

There are many ways to get help paying your bills beyond the £400 government support.

For example, when temperatures drop sharply, low-income residents can receive a £25 payment.

Cold Weather Payments are made in locations where residents constantly experience sub-zero weather.

Payment is made automatically, including to Universal Credit, for each week of low temperatures from November 1 to March 31.

This winter, struggling households can also receive a £150 rebate on their electricity bills through the Warm Home programme.

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The rebate is given to those with the lowest incomes to help with rising costs.

Meanwhile, millions on Universal Credit and benefits will already receive a Christmas bonus.

Victoria receives support from charity Action for Children


Victoria receives support from charity Action for Children1 credit

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