January 27, 2023

A SEXY village girl and self-proclaimed “buckle bunny” answered the trolls.

tik tak bodybuilder is not afraid to show off her body, stopping haters who want to “denigrate” her name.



TikToker and the bodybuilder are getting a lot of male attention with their social media posts.Credit: TikTok @sweetnsavageone
In a recent video, @sweetnsavageone joked about being a


In a recent video, @sweetnsavageone joked about being a “bunny with a buckle”.Credit: TikTok @sweetnsavageone

The country girl has 16,400 followers on TikTok, where she uses the pseudonym @sweetnsavageone.

One of her recent rollers includes her clip in gym on the stair lift.

“Some people want to defame my name,” she wrote. “Others want to moan.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that you can’t please everyone.”

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She ended her video with a crown emoji next to the words, “Stay toxic.”

In another video, she was seen riding a mechanical bull in a tight red dress.

“POV: When you realize you’re a buckle [bunny emoji],” she wrote in the overlay text.


A reference to Tanner’s Adell song Whiskey Talk, which was featured on TikTok.

The video showed the self-proclaimed bunny on a mechanical bull for 13 seconds before it switched to photos of her with friends and at a bodybuilding competition.

“Keep it, sisters!” she wrote.


Fans praised her in the comments.

One asked: “Do you even know what a rabbit buckle is??”

TikToker responded that it was a joke and that she was referring to chasing her bodybuilding medals.

“You look amazing and your smile shines like sunshine,” said another fan.

“She’s got it, guys,” said another.

“Love at first sight,” said a third, while a fourth commented, “Oh my, ABSOLUTELY beautiful.”

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