January 27, 2023

CHRISTMAS is another year behind us, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to think about the next one.

Many of us might shudder at the mere thought of this, but really, while you don’t have to think about throwing a holiday feast or coming up with new Elf on the Shelf ideas, you might benefit from gleaning a few pieces. .



Maddie Alexander-Grout is already thinking about next ChristmasCredit: Maddy Alexander-Grout

The January sales are in full swing and if you stock up on certain items for next Christmas right now, you could save hundreds of pounds.

Here is mom-of-two Maddie Alexander Grout, 38, who is also the CEO of a money-saving app. My VIP Rewards – shares items you should buy now to save some serious money next Christmas…

Oh Christmas tree

We are only thinking about removing the decorations, but if you need to replace some worn and worn items, such as the tree itself, then now is the time.

Maddy says: “You can get amazing discounts on artificial trees if you shop at the sales.


“Some places, like Very, offer trees at half price, while others, like The Range, have cut their prices by around £30.”

Decoration Solutions

The same goes for garlands and decorations.

Maddie adds: “Homebase is currently turning off 50 percent tree lighting, and holiday lights.com now 60% off.


“Most places do 50 percent off jewelry, but just be aware that trends change, so the purple spotted tinsel you love this year may be completely out of style next year.

“So if you’re buying ahead of time, maybe stick with traditions that never go out of style.

“It will cost over £50 to redo your entire Christmas decoration collection if you want to do it before next year, so if you know your decorations are tired, do it now.”

Most of us only think about taking off our Christmas decorations, but this could be a great time to buy some for next year.


Most of us only think about taking off our Christmas decorations, but this could be a great time to buy some for next year.1 credit

Festive hiss

You might be thinking about taking a little booze break, but since so many people feel the same way, it’s actually the perfect time to stock up on booze for next year.

Maddy says: “Prosecco, if properly stored in a dark, cool place, can last until next Christmas.

“Be aware, however, that most flavored proseccos are recommended to be consumed within one year.

“Christmas perfume is often offered in January, especially since many people do dry January, so see if you can get Baileys or Tia Maria on the cheap.”

This can be a great time to get good deals on alcohol - just make sure it lasts until next Christmas if stored properly.


This can be a great time to get good deals on alcohol – just make sure it lasts until next Christmas if stored properly.1 credit

Jump crackers

It’s also a good time to buy Christmas crackers, especially if the kids liked the ones you bought this year, as they’re likely to be discounted so stores can get rid of them.

Maddie says: “Lakeland Sheep Race Crackers are down from £25 to £16.99 and John Lewis Santa’s Rainbow Crackers are now £12.50 down from £25 so it’s time to hunt for more delicious crackers.” to save half the price!”

fashion forward

If you’re a big fan of those traditional matching pajamas in front of the tree family photo, why not get your sets now?

Maddy says: “For Christmas pajamas, places like Peacocks make half price family pajamas.

“Sainsbury’s also has some really cute baby sets – just make sure you remember to buy the right size for how old they’ll be next Christmas!”

The same goes for Christmas jumpers.

Maddie adds: “The peacocks are currently up to 70 percent short of their range of Christmas jumpers.”

Save on matching pajama sets by buying them now


Save on matching pajama sets by buying them now1 credit

Get cunning

Buy Christmas craft supplies now – an absolute find next year when you need something inexpensive to keep the kids entertained on Christmas Eve.

Maddy says: “Places like The Range and Hobby Craft reduce them a lot.

“If your kids are anything like mine, they love Christmas crafts and it saves us a fortune when we buy in advance.”

No time like the present

The thought of Christmas shopping now for next year will make most of us shudder, but if there are things you crave every year, it might be worth stocking up now.

Maddy says: “Boots is now 50% off cosmetics and fragrances.

“So, if you know that your mom likes a certain perfume, or you know that you have relatives that you give scents to, it’s time to stock up on them.

Stock up on good perfumes and scents for next Christmas


Stock up on good perfumes and scents for next Christmas1 credit

Table games

Board games can be bought all year round – both at sales and in thrift stores.

Maddie says, “Lost some of your money from Monopoly or missing pieces of the puzzle?

“Whether it’s a Christmas game or a family board game played all year round, this is a great time to replace them with places like The Works at up to 70 percent off.”

What NOT to buy at next Christmas sales

Here Maddie talks about the items she wouldn’t buy on sale and her reasons…

Some people say you can freeze turkeys, but taking up a whole year of freezer space with a huge risk of frost is not a risk I’m willing to take.

The Food Standards Agency recommends keeping meat in the freezer for up to six months, so I would wait until July.

Don’t pre-buy alcoholic drinks and canned chocolates, as their expiration dates are often much shorter than you think.

Don’t buy predetermined toys for your kids unless you want to spend hundreds of pounds.

A few years ago, I bought a bunch of Paw Patrol stuff for my boy who was obsessed with Paw Patrol, and by the next Christmas, Paw Patrol had fallen out of favor and was replaced by Spider-Man.

Luckily, I have a girlfriend this year who is obsessed with the Paw Patrol, so they aren’t completely wasted – just remember that kids’ tastes can change from week to week!


If you need another brazier, or you’re a little tipsy this year and have broken a set of plates, there are some great deals right now.

Maddy says: “Dunelm is 20% off and the Robert Dyas sale is incredible: £90 for a set of frying pans and £25 for a set of knives, for example.”

Discounts on bed linen

Have you ever had too many towels or sheets?

The answer is always no, especially if you always entertain the family at Christmas.

Maddie says: “If you have agreed to host next year, consider adding extra bedding and extra towels now.

“Bedding can be very expensive and planning ahead and placing it in the attic can save you over £50 for a couple of guests.

“Dunelm and John Lewis are 50% off and Dusk online is 70% off.”

I ordered a £82 wedding dress and veil from Shein and this is what I thought.
I went to the biggest ASDA in the UK and was stunned but everyone else is asking the same thing.

Gift wrap

It’s obvious but still worth mentioning as you can save a lot if you buy gift wrapping now.

Maddy adds: “Christmas cards and wrapping paper are available everywhere, even in supermarkets, so stay tuned and stock up for next year.”

You will thank yourself and feel very smug next year if you stock up on all your gift wrapping now.


You will thank yourself and feel very smug next year if you stock up on all your gift wrapping now.1 credit

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