January 27, 2023

The WOMAN has gone from a dreary appearance to a chic Mrs. Claus thanks to her makeup skills.

Some viewers called her a catfish for artistic skill, but the woman is proud of her talent.



TikTok creator Chrissy Grand is a talented makeup artist that others refer to as a catfish.Credit: TIkTok/crissygrand
Thanks to her makeup skills, she went from nondescript to Mrs. Claus.


Thanks to her makeup skills, she went from nondescript to Mrs. Claus.Credit: TIkTok/crissygrand

Beauty lover Chrissy Grand is known on TikTok for her impressive videos that prove that makeup is indeed an art form.

Some viewers called her a catfish and said she looks like two different people when she goes viral.

AT one videoshe gets into the holiday spirit and makes an extravagant image of Mrs. Claus in the style of Christmas.

In a TikTok video, she goes from dull to gorgeous in seconds.

I tried the “underpainting” TikTok trend – it lasted for several hours, but my face was streaked.
I am a makeup artist - never apply concealer to a specific part of your face.

The video begins with Grand standing in front of the camera without makeup, her brown hair pulled back into a messy bun.

To complete her tousled look, she also wears a pink sweater and trendy reading glasses on the tip of her nose.

She sings along to the popular TikTok sound that sings, “I’ve never been with a villain. She’s calm, so I’m adding her to the list.”


When the words are spoken for the first time, the content creator then shifts into his creative Mrs. Claus image as the musical part creeps in.

The Grand now wears a shoulder-length white wig, a hot Santa Claus, and a red corset.

She neatly placed the jewels on her eyelids and under her brows, and paired the makeup with bright red lips and green pointed-rimmed glasses.


Under the appropriate caption “She checks it twice”, Grand also appears to check things with a pen from the notepad she holds in her other hand.

Not only does her whole appearance change, she also changes the texture of the video to make it look like it’s snowing.

Many viewers noted that she perfectly complemented the image, and praised her for her work.

“Damn it, Mrs. Claus came for a sleigh ride!!!!!” one viewer commented.

“It’s like a Christmas tree,” added another.

“Kill or better to say “sleigh,” the viewer voiced.

Many viewers noted that the Grand


Many viewers noted that the Grand “rolled” the imageCredit: TIkTok/crissygrand

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