January 31, 2023

A PLUS-SIZE influencer found and fell in love with the hit lookalike of the popular Aritzia bodysuit at Target.

Lauren Leakup, fashion content creator, shared the hoax in video with over 120 thousand TikTok followers.



Plus size influencer Lauren shared a replica of the popular Aritzia bodysuit with Target.Credit: TikTok/ laurenlicup
She showed off Target's branded tag on her clothes.


She showed off Target’s branded tag on her clothes.Credit: TikTok/ laurenlicup

“I did it, I gave up,” she began.

“I went to Target and bought that stupid Aritzia.”

She bought black bodysuit ($35) in size XXL.

She was unsure at first, pulling on her clothes.

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“Oh God, I feel like you can see everything in this,” she said.

Upon further examination, she quickly realized how flattering the jumpsuit was on her body.

“Wait a minute,” she breathed.


“I think I’m in love with it.”

In the comments, viewers shared their opinion about the find.

“I need this, it looks so good on you,” said one influential commentator.


“Okay, I just placed my order,” said another.

“They have up to size 4X online.”

“I have black and purple, it’s so cute,” said a third.

Her first impression of the jumpsuit was a bit wobbly.


Her first impression of the jumpsuit was a bit wobbly.Credit: TikTok/ laurenlicup
She quickly realized that she was


She quickly realized that she was “in love” with the bodysuit.Credit: TikTok/ laurenlicup

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