January 31, 2023

A flight attendant reveals why flight attendants secretly love turbulence — and it’s for a selfish reason.

29-year-old Barbie from Argentina works as a flight attendant at La Azafata and regularly shares her top tips and secrets. tik tak Account.



The flight attendant told why the crew secretly loves turbulenceCredit: Jam Press/@barbiebac.ok
Barbie often shares her work secrets on her TikTok account.


Barbie often shares her work secrets on her TikTok account.Credit: Jam Press/@barbiebac.ok

Currently based in Italy, she recently explained why crew members love turbulence despite most passengers loathe it.

She said: “Flight attendants love turbulence because we can get some rest since we have to stay in our seats and we can’t get up to serve food, for example.

“We’re used to turbulence, so it doesn’t scare us.”

According to experts, if you hate turbulence yourself, you should book the first flight of the day and land mid-flight.


This is because it is less likely on earlier flights and you feel it less near the wings of the aircraft.

Also, avoid flying over the coast of Ireland, as there will usually always be turbulence, according to the former flight attendant.

However, don’t worry too much – turbulence is common and usually harmless as long as you’re strapped in.


Barbie has previously revealed other secrets about the sky, including what they are not allowed to do.

She told NeedToKnow Online:[We’re not allowed] getting tips, talking out loud between us, chewing gum and running around the plane because the passengers will think something is wrong.

“We are also not allowed to watch movies or listen to music.”


There are also words they are forbidden to use so as not to scare other travelers.

She added: “It is illegal to say words like ‘emergency’, ‘fire’ or ‘bomb’ on an airplane because many passengers might panic.

“Therefore, we use special codes, it is imperative to know them.

The crew also have secret phrases they use when they like passengers, which is good news if your name is Bob.

Here are some more secret words the team doesn’t want you to know about.

According to Barbie, the flight attendant has many secrets, including forbidden words.


According to Barbie, the flight attendant has many secrets, including forbidden words.Credit: Jam Press/@barbiebac.ok

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