January 27, 2023

The WORKER remained “red in the face” after being bombarded with compliments about her flawless figure.

Shelly Black left Scotland for a trip to Australia earlier this year and has been working hard to make ends meet.



Shelley Black works as a laborer in Australia.Credit: TikTok @shellykblack
This job helps Shelly fund her travels in Oz.


This job helps Shelly fund her travels in Oz.Credit: TikTok @shellykblack
People can't believe Shelly's incredible transformation from a flamboyant uniform.


People can’t believe Shelly’s incredible transformation from a flamboyant uniform.Credit: Instagram @shellykblack
They can't get enough of the bikini-clad Scottish beauty.


They can’t get enough of the bikini-clad Scottish beauty.Credit: Instagram @shellykblack

The 27-year-old from Penicuik, Midlothian, regularly shares clips of her flamboyant outfit when she works at the facility.

She said: “Since I came to Australia, I have worked for a formwork company in Melbourne and for a concrete mold company when I was in Darwin.

“They have both been very hard work, but I am enjoying a good workout.

“At home, I worked as a postman, so I decided to do something new and I knew that it was good money.

I am 33 years old, I am a mother of two teenagers, but people never believe me because I look so young.
I do fitness - people say I go from 5 to 10 in a bikini.

“It’s the best environment, you have a good laugh.”

But this is a video of Shelley from TikTok (@shellykblack) shows her swapping out her work clothes for a bikini that infuriates people.

One social media fan said: “This work uniform is misleading.”


The second added: “Found my great love by killing it on both sides.”

A third wrote: “It was like a magic trick lol, everything is hidden there.”

Meanwhile, a fourth blurted out, “Damn it, I didn’t foresee this! Very nice”.


Shelley said her online fans are “wonderful and great”.

But she admits she sometimes gets embarrassed when her colleagues, accustomed to seeing her in work clothes, stumble across her social media pages.

She told Scottish Sun Online: “Some were watching my Instagram and TikTok and I had a couple guys talking about my butt.

“My face turns red, I laugh it off. I know they’re just joking…mostly.

“Although I don’t take it to heart, it doesn’t really bother me.

“I wouldn’t want a lot of them to be out of work, and I also act like a big fool and work hard. Most of the guys I’ve worked with just see me as one of the guys.”

We previously covered how Shelly recently decided to spice up her life with a more exciting side job at OnlyFans.

The Scottish beauty made £500 in her first week and looks to continue expanding her online presence.

She said: “It’s really different from my day job.

“I had a lot of people telling me that I should do this and that I would make a lot of money from it.

“Women are being objectified on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t I get paid for it?

“If people will look at my ass, then why not take money from them for it?

“This is an easy way to make money, you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

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“I hope that eventually I can just get paid and travel and not have to work for a year.

“It’s more for travel, it’s very expensive, so it’s good to have a steady income on the go without having to constantly look for a new job.”

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