January 27, 2023

A BALLERINA dispelled people’s misconceptions about how they feel about their pointe shoes.

As it turns out, there’s a reason why dancers need to fit them to their feet.



Shoes are hard to wearCredit: YouTube/Lauragrüner
They may also go up in price.


They may also go up in price.Credit: YouTube/Lauragrüner
Sometimes shoes wear out in a week


Sometimes shoes wear out in a weekCredit: YouTube/Lauragrüner

Laura Gruner, ballerina, explained the whole situation with shoes in YouTube short.

At the beginning of the video, she noted that most pointe shoes, even custom-made ones, are not immediately suitable for dancing.

Therefore, she bends the soles of her shoes to “soften” them.

Although not everyone does this, she cuts the hem and sole of the shoe to give it the right shape.


According to her, this is better than buying expensive custom-made shoes, because she does not think that they are worth it.

Pointe shoes are also not meant to be heard.

So Gruner literally taps them to reduce the sound the shoes make on the floor.


Ponte shoes actually get quieter the more you dance, she said.

However, some ballet roles require stiffer shoes.

It’s expensive and you can get through a couple or two in a week.


Often the ballet troupe gives you shoes on such occasions.

“You can put some glue on the shoes to make them last longer,” Gruner said.

“I often do this even before I start dancing in shoes,” she said.

All these rules and difficulties make pointe shoes difficult, not to mention dancing.

“It literally looks like a brick on your leg or trying to stick it to your leg,” she said.

In the comments, fans couldn’t believe how complicated the shoe making process is.

“I’ve heard this from several dancers and I just can’t help but wonder why on earth they even make them like this??” one person said.

“Now I have a lot more questions,” said another.

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“I dated a couple of dancers and their poor feet,” commented a third.

“The amount of personal discomfort and outright pain they go through to achieve their career and get 10,000 people to stand up and applaud is incredible and deserves my respect.”

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