January 31, 2023

A single Scottish woman has revealed how she applied for Married at First Sight after growing tired of the bums she dated.

The stunning Diane, 22, prefers to look on the bright side of life, despite being unlucky in love.



Singleton Diane asks experts to find her a husbandCredit: Attached
Diana is 22 and tired of dating.


Diana is 22 and tired of dating.Credit: Attached

The Edinburgh-based project manager understands why people might think it was a mistake to join the ranks of a popular reality TV show and marry someone she’s never met.

But she thinks it might be the best way to find a man she can call a caretaker.

She says, “I’ve had a terrible dating experience so far.

“I have been unmarried for about five years and meet people from time to time.

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“I was cheated on twice, the second time last year.

“The guy did everything he could to look after me, took me on vacation and fell out of love completely.

“But he was still talking to people behind my back, and another girl sent me screenshots.”


Diana, who is half Brazilian, loves the idea of ​​a popular program where experts match couples based on a number of factors.

The members then agree to marry blindly before deciding whether to stay together after six weeks of filming.

She adds: “I know I’m not good at picking them, so the most logical way is to let an expert make the decision.


“I think that subconsciously I choose people who give me trouble, so I hope they can avoid it on my behalf.

“It doesn’t really scare me, because I know how badly I choose them.

“It can’t be much worse if I go down the aisle and marry someone.

“And also, if I’m dating someone, I only want to invest time in them if I see myself marrying them.

“So I would rather just get married and work on it from there.

“I realize I’m only 22, but the thought of going back to dating sounds terrible.

“I’d rather just find my man and sort it out, I just can’t bother anymore.”

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