January 27, 2023

When it comes to exercising, you should wear what is comfortable for you.

And for one fitness junkie, that means a skimpy bra and tiny sagging-cheek shorts, but some think the woman just craves attention.



Many found her sportswear inappropriate.Credit: Tik Tok/sarahcaus
Social media users felt that Sarah goes to the gym not only for training, but also for attention.


Social media users felt that Sarah goes to the gym not only for training, but also for attention.Credit: Tik Tok/sarahcaus

Gym Bunny Sara Kaus (@sarahcaus), believed to be from Brazil, regularly shares workout videos on TikTok.

But not her enviable figure and toned abs or special fitness classes, but youth outfits that everyone is talking about.

Her 1.6 million social media fans will know that Sarah stays away from leggings and avoids rocking a t-shirt – she prefers a “less is more” approach.

As it turns out, her favorite combination is a comfy sports bra and daring shorts that don’t completely cover her buttocks.


Some even said that she could go to the gym in a bikini because it would be the same.

But while her outfits and impressive figure have certainly garnered her a notable fan base of budding would-be Romeos, the woman has also found quite a few trolls.

Here, for the most part, they say that she only wants attention, and that Sarah will be one of those people who later complain about being looked at.


In one such video of Sarah doing a deadlift, one TikTok user said, “People keep looking at me.”

“At the moment it doesn’t work, I need attention,” someone else thought.

Another added: “Why are you guys looking at me? Oh yeah, I don’t wear anything to the gym.”


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A fan was baffled by her gym outfit, wondering, “Love her hard work and accomplishments, but WHY???”

People also claimed that they would be so uncomfortable with not wearing clothes that they would work out at home, and some even insisted that gyms follow a dress code.

And it looks like if Sarah is looking for attention, she’s sure to get it, as the guys at the gym spy on her whenever a gym goer walks by.

Despite the volume of comments, Sarah has yet to respond to any of them and continues to practice in her current outfit.

Speaking of gyms, one woman’s class was recently interrupted after her colleagues allegedly complained about her “inappropriate” outfit.

Still in disbelief, Kerry Rose Schwartz@comfywith_kerry), believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to explain the embarrassing situation in more detail to her 127,000 followers.

“Something really disappointing happened…

“They actually told me something that made me feel so uncomfortable that I never want to go back there again,” the fitness fan said in her video.

The incident, which took place at the women’s gym, began when the owner approached Kerry for a “quick chat”.

“I sensed that something was wrong because the conversation became uncomfortable very quickly.”

He then revealed that the problem was her dress code – a sports bra and gym leggings that tightened her butt.

Explaining the problem, the man said that several women felt “uncomfortable” because of the pants Kerry was wearing that day.

“My initial reaction was confusion and shock… and then it was more like embarrassment.

“I almost felt ashamed, even though I shouldn’t.”

She added that fellow gym members called the leggings “distracting” and “offensive.”

“Why am I ashamed of this? Especially for the women’s gym…”

Seeing the bottom, social media users began to write comments and quickly understood why so many women considered them “inappropriate” – they were simply jealous of her stunning curves.

One supportive viewer commented, “You look great. Ladies – jelly!

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Another agreed, adding: “These women are jealous and none of these pants offend me.” I think you look great.”

“The owner of the gym is here. There is nothing wrong with what you are wearing. The only thing wrong is their insecurities,” wrote another fitness fanatic.

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