January 31, 2023

EVER had the feeling that a waiter wants you to leave earlier than later in a restaurant?

Well, maybe you’re not wrong, and it turns out they’re doing something that proves it.



The waitress hinted that customers are always boredCredit: TikTok/@tastyriah

One waitress took to TikTok to display a subtle sign showing that your server was waiting for you to leave.

Mariah (@tastyriah) shared a clip in which she recreates a scenario that is too conventional for her.

She acted out what happens when a customer who has been there for too long asks for an invoice to pay, but she pulls it right out of her pocket for him.

The caption read: “Can I have a check?” but I took it out of my pocket because I was waiting for you to come into my section.


Turns out the worker already had the bill ready because she wanted to speed up the process and clear the table.

Sound a little familiar?

A worker gave another hint that it’s time to go home in the comments, and that’s when the waiters politely say, “When you’re ready, take your time.”


And she’s not the only one who uses subtle hints like other restaurant workers.

One of them wrote: “I like it best when I ask:” Do you guys want to make any dessert? And then they’re like, ‘no, not today,’ so pull out the check immediately.”

The second joked, “When I toss a check, I say, ‘For your persuasion, take your time,’ when in fact there is a rush.”


And another thought: “Why are we in no hurry to go anywhere all day, whenever you are ready?

“We must come with a new clue so that they will leave soon.”

Another restaurant worker confessed, “Once I get a table that isn’t friendly and I have a bit of an attitude, I’m like yes, I’ll get you out of here, kids.”

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