January 27, 2023

There are an increasing number of weddings where the bride stuns the crowd in a whimsical white dress while the groom does the bare minimum.

One woman’s husband showed up to the wedding wearing an outfit that some social media users said made him look like he was going to a popular chain restaurant rather than tying the knot.



The groom was called out for dressing casually on the wedding day1 credit

Coming to the “wedding shame” Reddit forum user of the platform shared an image of the couple on their wedding day.

The bride wore a gorgeous white flowy dress perfect for the occasion.

However, the groom was not dressed to impress.

He wore a black guitar tee, brown cargo shorts, and gray tennis shoes.


The people in the comment section of the post were far from impressed with the outfit he chose for his big day, and they made it clear.

“Cargo shorts and camouflage, I would cancel the wedding,” wrote one of them.

“Ugh. Please note that the groom in a tuxedo is never next to the bride in a T-shirt and jeans, ”added the second.


She is going to the wedding and he is going to Appleby, a third mused.

To which one user wrote: “Sorry, he’s going to the Hard Rock Cafe to pick up more stupid guitar buttons.”

“He’s not that fancy. More like Arbi,” objected another.


“This is a disgusting outfit, even outside of the wedding. For the groom? Zero drops,” commented the last person.

The groom was not dressed to impress


The groom was not dressed to impressCredit: Reddit/abitneurotic

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