January 27, 2023

The LUCKY woman who won £1.8 million in the New Year’s draw has revealed her strategy for winning the lottery.

The winners of the huge £22.5 million jackpot were announced on Saturday, with 12 winners splitting the prize money and taking home just over £1.8 million each.



One Lucky Prize Winner Started the New Year Like a Millionaire1 credit

Of the dozen winners, four were from Queensland, four from Victoria, three from New South Wales and one from Western Australia.

One of the lucky winners of the prize was a woman from Springfield, Queensland, who started the new year as a millionaire.

She said she “almost had a panic attack” when she realized the golden ticket had been in her wallet for two weeks.

And now she has revealed her winning strategy.


She said she got the money for her ticket thanks to her recent Instant Scratch-It win.

“It’s funny because we bought a few Instant Scratch-Its tickets and I won about $50 with them,” she said.

“I bought this lottery ticket using this winnings.


“It was a spontaneous decision to buy this ticket because I won on Scratchie.

“This ticket was in my wallet for about two weeks.”

The woman said she checked her winning ticket around 1 a.m. on New Year’s Day.


She said, “I almost had a panic attack – I couldn’t breathe!”

She told The Lott that she was going to use the money to help her family and possibly buy a new house.

“And maybe go on vacation,” she said.

– There are several things on the list.

The woman bought her ticket at the Nextra Orion store on Main Street in Springfield.

Shop owner Vivek Ganesh said: “A win landing in an outlet makes it all so real.

“Over the past nine years, we have sold four Grand Prize Instant Scratch-Its tickets, and this is our third division of Gold Lotto with one win.

“Great to have another one.”

Another winner of the same draw said that he and his wife did not sleep after they found out they had won.

He said: “I don’t usually check my ticket right away, but on Saturday night I decided to take a quick look.

“Then I started scrolling and saw that all six numbers were lit up. I told my wife and we checked the ticket together.

Lucky called the moment “surreal” and thanked his wife for picking the winning numbers.

The Forest Lake winner plans to use the winnings to pay off his mortgage and help his children.

He said, “We want to help them in life.”

A Loganholm woman who bought two tickets in a £22 million draw said she won £20 in one and $2 million in another.

She said: “It was a pleasant surprise! A good way to start the New Year.”

Anyone who has purchased a ticket to Australia’s New Year’s Gold Lotto draw is strongly advised to check their tickets.

The winning numbers for Saturday’s Gold Lotto 4325 draw on December 31st were 11, 23, 35, 42, 20 and 45.

Additional numbers were 8 and 38.

In Cambridge, locals are looking for a Tesco buyer who left his winning ticket in a shopping cart.

Richard Haslop was loitering around the aisle of his local store in Cambridge when his wife made an unexpected discovery.

The search for an elusive winner in Cambridge is still ongoing.

In the UK, any money that is not claimed within 180 days of playing in the UK goes to National Lottery projects around the country.

People Ireland you only have half that time to claim and only 90 days before the prize money is off the table.

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Once the claim period has expired, the ticket will officially expire and the lottery ticket holder will no longer be able to claim any of their winnings.

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