January 27, 2023

Mom was horrified after being forced to prove her baby had died so she could get a £115 car seat refund.

Hanna, whose real name has been protected, received the devastating news that her son had no heartbeat when he was 34 weeks pregnant.



Hannah was shocked after being told she needed to bring proof that her baby had died.Credit: Google maps

The baby was stillborn on December 17, leaving Hannah to recover from the loss of the baby.

Preparing to try and move forward, Hanna decided to cancel her Maxi-Cosi car seat order at Newbie and Me Baby in Shirley, Solihull.

But the 30-year-old Hall Green woman was shocked when clerks told her she needed to prove the baby didn’t survive in order to get her money back.

She had no choice but to return to the store on Boxing Day, taking her stillbirth registration with her.


In a Facebook post, she wrote: “It was a terrible experience – I had to go to a store that is for sale to pregnant women and newborns to show them the certificate of my stillborn child, otherwise they would not give me my money back. I would avoid it at all costs.”

She claims that when she ordered the car seat during the Black Friday sale on November 25, she was told she would have it within a week.

But by mid-December, according to Hanna, there was no word from the store.


Just a few days later, she received the heartbreaking news that her child had died.

But when she went to return her unwanted car seat, she was told they needed proof of death.

She said, “I haven’t heard anything for a couple of weeks. I asked if I could cancel the order and they said you should bring a medical report.”


“As far as I know, they didn’t even have an order in the store. They said it was their policy.

“I took the stillbirth registration and they took it out of the envelope. I don’t see anyone lying about a stillbirth.”

A spokesperson for Newbie and Me Baby confirmed that it is the store’s policy to request proof of a customer’s claim.

They said, “First of all, Rookie and Me are saddened and sorry for the loss of Hannah, we understand how difficult this time must be for Hannah and her family and would not like to make it even harder than it already is.

“We would like to apologize to Hanna for bumping into us.

“We investigated the incident and listened in on the phone call as they are being monitored for training purposes.”

The rep claims that an attempt to contact Hannah the day after she placed the order to confirm the delivery address was unsuccessful.

They continued, “When we received a call that an order was canceled due to circumstances, we will always strive to support any family going through a difficult and challenging time.

“Hannah was asked for proof of their purchase and a medical certificate due to the circumstances (this is also stated in the Terms and Conditions, of which Hannah has a copy).

“Hannah would have read this and accepted them when placing an order.

“This is not meant to be a nuisance, but as a business we should include it in our terms and conditions as a formality.

We are a children’s store that understands that from time to time, the nature of our business, we will face difficult and unfortunate circumstances, we will do our best to help anyone in these troubled times. We do not expect any buyer to come to the store and we also do not expect them to have direct contact with us, they can email us any information, in a timely manner and when they can.

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“We apologize to Hannah for any inconvenience caused, any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it allows us to serve our customers in the best possible way.”

The Sun has contacted Newbie and Me Baby for comment.

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