January 27, 2023

FASHION fanatic has given her honest opinion after she bought a viral catsuit, taking TikTok by storm.

Ellie Butler is the childhood sweetheart of Celtic’s Liam Shaw, who is currently on loan at Morecambe, and regularly shares her purchases with fans.



Ellie Butler picked up a viral catsuit in the TikTok storeCredit: TikTok @ellxbutler
The blonde beauty said the £10 coin was so handy.


The blonde beauty said the £10 coin was so handy.Credit: TikTok @ellxbutler
Social media users are delighted with the jumpsuit.


Social media users are delighted with the jumpsuit.Credit: TikTok @ellxbutler

In a recent video, she shared a bargain on the TikTok store, a “super soft stretchy bodysuit” in black.

The fleece-lined item is currently offered for just £9.99 rather than £16.65.

Ellie said, “I have a viral TikTok jumpsuit, I’m sure you’ve seen it.” It’s really nice and thick, it’s good quality. It doesn’t shine at all.”

Sharing a clip of a black jumpsuit on TikTok (@ellxbutler), a size 10 futi WAG added: “When I saw this, I was expecting a fur inside.

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“It is quite thick, fleecy, but I would not say that it is fur.

“But it’s so convenient. This is really good quality.

“I have a big one. Usually I [size] 10 and I could probably do with the environment.


“I feel like a medium would be a better fit. It may shrink a little after a few washes.

Ellie completed the viral look with a neutral Primark plush coat, a black scarf and Tasman Uggs.

And social media users love this jumpsuit, as one of them said: “I can’t wait for mine to arrive, unreal.”


Another said, “Absolutely worth buying, 10 out of 10.”

A third wrote, “I ordered the viral TikTok jumpsuit from the TikTok store and I love it.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added, “It’s my first time buying from a TikTok store and I’m very happy with it.”

We previously told how star football beau Ellie brought her to tears at Christmas with an unexpected gift.

The influencer told fans that she didn’t ask for anything because she doesn’t need anything.

But Liam pulled it out of the bag with a “big gift” – a Cartier diamond necklace.

Ellie said: “When I saw this box, the excitement inside me, oh my God. I did not expect this at all, and then, when I opened it, I began to cry.

I don’t know why I was crying, to be honest, it was just such a shock and he knows exactly what I like.

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“It’s so dainty, so classy, ​​it’s the perfect necklace that I could only dream of.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve it.”

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