January 27, 2023

LONELY told how she thought she had found the love of her life before she found out his dark secret.

Christina Kelly quickly fell in love with the Glasgow “10 of 10” man known only as Will, and they even spent the night at a trendy spa hotel.



Christina Kelly thought she found the love of her life with a guy from Glasgow.Credit: Facebook
Christina Kelly kept in touch with the guy even after he was jailed


Christina Kelly kept in touch with the guy even after he was jailed

But after a few amazing dates, he became her ghost, leaving her to wonder what had gone wrong.

In an unexpected turn, one of his buddies contacted her and said that he was behind bars and wanted to send her letters from prison.

She was not put off by this until he appeared on a TV report.

And she was horrified when she discovered that in fact he was a big bandit, and not a garage worker, as he claimed.

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Christina, 35, from Fife, said: “I was shocked. He was a complete gangster.

“There were guns, grenades, drugs and all that. I had no idea what I was getting into.

“Honestly, everything about him was perfect until I found out that I could get shot in the head.


“It’s definitely me. I have the worst taste in men without even knowing it.”

Christina first met Will after he contacted her on Instagram and they started messaging.

They agreed to meet for coffee and she was delighted when he turned out to be the perfect gentleman.


Christina said: “He opened the car door for me. I thought he was really good.

“He was ten out of ten. Tall and broad-shouldered from Glasgow. I like this accent, I just melt.

“Everything was going really well and we saw each other quite a few times.”

But then Will disappeared and she couldn’t contact him.

His friend texted her and said he was locked up and asked for her address so Will could write to her.

She was mortified when he started leaving love notes, including “they can lock locks, but they can’t stop the clock” outside the envelope for all to see.

Christina said: “There were love hearts on the corner.

“My postman is a family friend. He was probably wondering what was going on.

“It was real prison mail. He even had a Scottish prison service at the top.”

But Christina admitted that he had beautiful handwriting, and for about a month the couple exchanged letters.

However, things came to an abrupt halt after she discovered what he was actually inside for.

And then problems she hadn’t noticed before became obvious red flags.

She said: “He sent pictures of himself lying on a sun lounger in sneakers. Why are you wearing sneakers?

“When we got to the hotel, he looked out the window to see how high he could jump. Why?

“All because he knew that at some point he would be caught. I didn’t notice at all what was going on.”

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Christina was worried about what she was getting into, so she ended the relationship.

She said, “I committed suicide for my own safety. Fortunately, I was fine and nothing happened to me. I can definitely choose them.”

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