January 27, 2023

SKIMS shapewear is notoriously tight and difficult to put on or take off.

While the brand includes smart design features, one Skims fan says you need to take a different approach to get them right.



Nassima is an influencer and Skims fan who has worn shapewear twice.Credit: TikTok/beaussima
She shared important information about the


She shared important information about the “hole” in shapewear for bathroom breaks.Credit: TikTok/beaussima

Beauty and lifestyle influencer Nassima wasted no time in explaining the pee hole. to its 66.8 thousand followers on TikTok.

“I have worn Skims twice already,” Nassima explained.

“I’m here to tell you about an unexpected feature.”

Throughout the video, she tried her best to maintain a straight face.


“A piss hole that I really didn’t expect…” she said before she stopped laughing as she stretched the fabric to reveal the folded fabric around the gusset.

“I don’t know how to show you that it doesn’t look like a birth video,” she laughed.

After regaining her composure, Nassima showed the audience how to successfully use the headscarf.


“Let’s say you put on Skims, like this,” she said, pressing her shorts against her body.

As she taught, she took a moment to praise the shapewear.

“Sucks! This is brilliant!” she said before turning serious again. “Just listen, okay?


The “little gadget” in the crotch is “very useful,” she explained.

Fold the sides of the fabric back or hold the opening if you prefer,” Nassima instructed.

But before you can relieve yourself, you need to take one more step, as Nassima has learned the hard way.

“Don’t just urinate. Don’t just urinate. It will end in splashes,” Nassima warned. “It’s not recommended.”

Instead, lean your torso forward and push your backside back so that whatever you throw out stays behind you.

“If you lean forward a little, it’s just what way,” Nassima said, pointing to herself.

Once you master the Skims bathroom maneuver, she said, you’ll be ready to wear shapewear anywhere, anytime.

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She ended her show with a sincere thank you to designers Kim Kardashian and Skims.

“I really appreciate the existence of the urinal,” she said. “It’s a very considerate attitude towards anyone who has the urge to urinate.”

Nassima explained how best to tilt the body when using the SKIMS


Nassima explained how best to tilt the body when using the SKIMS “urinary opening”.Credit: TikTok/beaussima

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