January 31, 2023

The glam mom started doing beauty to bond with her daughters and save money – now she’s swamped with bookings.

Lisa Johnston, 33, lives in Glasgow with her two daughters Alicia and Tila.



Lisa Johnston launches her own cosmetics lineCredit: Lisa Johnston
She started by putting makeup on her daughters' eyelashes.


She started by putting makeup on her daughters’ eyelashes.Credit: Lisa Johnston

As the couple reached their teens and began to take an interest in beauty, Lisa realized she was facing big makeup and procedure bills.

So instead of paying someone to get eyelash extensions, Lisa got trained and did it herself.

And mom did not stop there – launching her own range of cosmetics and cosmetics Learn beauty after that.

Lisa told Scottish Sun Online: “I started getting eyelash extensions because I was always looking to save money where and when I could.

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“The thought of my two daughters and I getting eyelash extensions and how much it would cost all three of us made me decide to learn how to do them myself.

“After some research, I found an even cheaper solution and launched my own line of false eyelashes that can be worn for up to two weeks.

“At first I was very nervous because I thought: “What if nobody buys them”, but things are going well.


“I launched my own self tanning range and have now expanded it to other beauty products such as liquid blush, beauty blenders and other affordable products.”

She added: “As a single mom raising two girls, I know how hard and expensive it is.

“I am very proud of what I have achieved over the past 2-3 years.


“I completely changed my life, going from a victim of domestic violence for 6 years to almost dying from a knife attack.

“I worked very hard to become who I am today.

“I feel like I need to teach my daughter that no matter how hard life gets and sometimes you feel like you can’t do it anymore, you keep going, keep pushing, because you will always get your way.

“It may take years, months, weeks, but I want to show them that they can achieve what they thought they could never do.”

We previously talked about how people are always shocked when they find out Lisa’s age – and regularly confuse her with her daughter’s sister.

She told Scottish Sun Online: “People are really shocked when they find out my age. I was thrown at a lot of ages.

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“People think I’m around 23 and some say I’m between 25 and 28.

“I guess it’s nice to be taken for younger than I am. I accept it because I won’t always look like this.”

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