January 27, 2023

DESPITE the title of the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world, the infamous Brazilian butt lift (BBL) remains more popular than ever.

But now, after shelling out thousands and going through excruciating pain to get the body of her dreams, one woman has admitted she regrets going under the knife two years ago.



As a child, Nicole was always made fun of because of her petite physique, until one day she got tired of it and paid for BBL.Credit: TikTok/@therealnicolita
But now the girl claims she regrets doing it and is warning others on TikTok.


But now the girl claims she regrets doing it and is warning others on TikTok.Credit: TikTok/@therealnicolita

Sharing her story on TikTok, Nicole Amelia (@therealnicolita_) from New Jersey, USA, explained why she would like to go back in time.

Back in high school, the bartender said in her videoNicole exuded confidence.

“I was only 115 pounds, but my thinness didn’t matter to me.”

However, at some point, those around Nicole began to point out her natural physique as a disadvantage, which ultimately affected her self-esteem.


“My best friend’s dad used to tell me that I look like a 12 year old boy because I’m so skinny. It used to worry me a lot.”

The nasty comments didn’t end there – one of Nicole’s early college loves made fun of her petite figure and, worse, he liked pictures of curvier girls.

By the next few years, Nicole had become insecure about how she looked and began working out at the gym.


“And it was great – it helped me a lot, I gained a lot of weight.”

But while things were going well, a tough breakup with her then-boyfriend changed everything and Nicole suddenly found herself getting BBL.

“I paid a lot of money and went through a lot of pain because of how I felt society wanted me to be and because I felt so insecure about what happened to me in my life.


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“I won’t lie, I looked great. But honestly, beauty fades, so it’s better to have confidence within yourself,” she reminded her thousands of followers.

“It’s okay if you want to take a few puffs here and there, but just make sure you’re doing it for yourself and not for anyone else.”

After hearing Nicole’s story, social media users flocked to the comments thanking her for being so open and honest about her experience.

One wrote, “A grown man should never comment on a young girl’s body, I’m so glad you’ve gained confidence!!”

Another wrote, “I didn’t have a problem with my looks either until people pointed out my *flaws*.”

“Sounds like my story for T. I wanted a barrel but never had the money.

“I needed to hear this,” a third saw the video just in time.

I work out at the gym - Karens enforces a dress code for skimpy outfits, but I don't care.
I'm a size 24 and have tried on the viral gym that people rave about.

”Yeah…. I never thought badly about myself / my thinness.

“When I went to college, people said it was terrible. I feel terrible now,” the man reminded others to be kind to each other.

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