January 27, 2023

Regret about the name CHILD can creep up at the most unexpected moments.

This was the case with mom Sabrina Dore when she realized that her child’s chosen nickname could be seen as a bit inappropriate depending on the circumstances.



The woman told why she regrets that she named her childCredit: TikTok/vidalia318
In some cases this may not be appropriate


In some cases this may not be appropriateCredit: TikTok/vidalia318

Doré took to TikTok to share her name regret, looking visibly troubled in her video. “I’m going to go ahead and send an apology letter to my son right now,” she said.

“It just occurred to me now. You see the air conditioner repairman, he called me and we tried to set up a time when he would come home tomorrow.

“He said, ‘OK, I can be there by 9 o’clock.’ I said, “Well, that would be great, my husband will be home by then. He’ll just come home right after he picks up Jack.”

“And the man said, ‘What? »


Turning to her son, Dore continued.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t think of that. We won’t call you that again. We will call you [by] your full name is Jackson.”

“Sorry,” she shook her head. “I’m sorry.”


Some viewers shared other baby naming mistakes in the comments section of the woman’s video.

“I named my youngest son Sawyer Johnson because of the brain during pregnancy and no one pointed it out until it was on the birth certificate,” one said.

“My son is Jackson. We call him Jack. His middle name is Daniel. Jack Daniel,” added the second.


“My husband’s name is Jack. There are a lot of things that we can’t say… For example, “hello” at the airport…” a third joked.

“My husband went to high school with Thomas Cox. At graduation they announced “Thomas Eaton Cox”.

“Funny. Someone I know named her first child Genna. The second daughter’s name is Thalia.”

“Okay… I think I won this contest. My father’s name is Ronald McDonald. Seeing people’s reactions is never boring,” shared the last person.

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