January 27, 2023

The latest diet trend on TikTok promises to be the “panacea” for all health problems – and you only need to eat three meals for 30 days.

The lion’s diet, which is called the “healing diet”, suggests that a person does not eat anything but meat, salt and water for 30 days.



The Lion Diet is the latest fad to take over TikTokCredit: TikTok @roryskitchen
During the diet, people should only eat meat, salt, and drink water.


During the diet, people should only eat meat, salt, and drink water.Credit: TikTok @roryskitchen

Several people have shared their experiences with this diet, claiming that it helps with allergies, headaches, bad skin, and regulates their mood.

RorisKitchenA food intolerant TikToker has documented its month-long journey of trying out the diet for its more than 220,000 followers.

Rory set out to find out three things about the diet: could it heal his gut, autoimmune problems, and health conditions; what his body will look like after eating only meat; and what his poop will look like.

In regards to his latest video, Rory is on day 23 of the diet and said his skin looks better, his sinuses are clearing up and he has more “regular” bowel movements.


TedEx speaker Mihail Peterson is credited with creating the diet.

“It eliminates all other dietary variables and supports your body’s nutritional needs, allowing you to thrive,” she wrote. on her website.

Peterson, 28, has struggled with a number of health issues since childhood.


She was chronically ill until age 23 and suffered withdrawal from selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors until age 25.

Peterson also suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was put on immunosuppressants when she was eight years old.

For years, Peterson battled chronic fatigue and itching all over her body and spent a year on OxyContin after her ankle replacement surgery.


She decided to change her diet after she developed a celiac-related rash in the hope that it would help her problems.

Peterson started out on a restrictive paleo diet before eventually eating only meat.

“My brain and intestines were so damaged that a diet consisting entirely of beef or ruminant meat (like lamb and bison), which I call the lion diet, was all I could bear,” she wrote.

Five years later, Peterson is still on a diet and “healthy”.

Now she hopes to show people that “they can improve their own lives.”

Proponents of the diet claim that it helps with inflammation, improves mood, and relieves headaches, insomnia, and allergies.

However, others have called the diet extreme and overly restrictive, saying it is unsustainable and unhealthy.

“The lion diet excludes all foods except salt, water and ruminant meat,” say researchers from health line.

“In addition to being high in saturated fat, it’s unsustainable and can lead to nutrient deficiencies.”

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The company also warned that it is nearly impossible to dine out while on this diet.

“In addition to being potentially very unhealthy, the lion diet is difficult to follow and unsustainable in the long run.”

Some people claim that it cured bad skin and allergies and also stabilized their mood.


Some people claim that it cured bad skin and allergies and also stabilized their mood.Credit: TikTok @roryskitchen
However, others say the diet is not sustainable.


However, others say the diet is not sustainable.Credit: TikTok @roryskitchen

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