January 27, 2023

The WOMAN hit back at the trolls who targeted her “two pairs of boobs”, insisting that in her mind it was “the more the better”.

Mac often shares his videos on his TikTok page and often jokes about his unusual figure.



Mac took to TikTok to fight back against trolls who criticize her unusual body shape.Credit: TikTok/chunkymak
She insisted that this was the case "the bigger, the better" for her


She insisted that for her it was a case of “the more the merrier”.Credit: TikTok/chunkymak

In a recent clip At the top, she wrote, “My ex-girlfriend only had one breast.”

“You know, I had to double that,” she lip-synced to voice-over, showing off her figure in a green bralette and pajama pants.

In the caption, she wrote: “I had to! The more the merrier, IMAO.”

But the comments section quickly filled up with comments from violent trolls, one of whom wrote: “This is just disgusting.”


“I can’t unsee it,” protested another.

As a third clapped, “Jabba, wife of the Hutt.”

“Ok, we need someone to step in and make this girl realize this isn’t healthy,” commented another.


However, for all those who troll Mac, there were others who praised her for sharing her body-positive journey.

“You are absolutely perfect,” wrote one of them.

“Wow, how beautiful,” added another.


“Maybe mine went there,” joked a third.

As another wrote, “Buy two and get two free, sounds great!”

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