January 31, 2023

Large-breasted TIKTOKER revealed that she has a common problem for women with large breasts, which is that she can never find the right corset.

However, a user who is 32DDD reviewed the Victoria’s Secret Viral Corset and fell in love.



TikTok user MaCaked Up, who wears a size 32DDD, tried on the viral Victoria’s Secret corsets.Credit: TikTok/maked_up

Big-breasted TikToker, known to her followers as MaCaked Up, reviewed two corset tops from a lingerie store.

Victoria’s secrets corset collection took the internet by storm as many women with big boobs discovered its inclusive size.

MaCaked Up explained, “It’s really hard to find cute tops that I can wear because I’m small in everything and my girls aren’t, so I can’t wear tops that already have cups that size. “

Trying on the first corset, TikToker said, “I got a small DD which was perfect because I was able to get a small size because it also helped me hold and squeeze my breasts a bit.”


The TikTok user tried on her second Victoria’s Secret corset, which she said was “so pretty, so cute.”

She continued, “The largest cup size I could find was 34DD, which is fine because it’s considered a sister size.”

“It didn’t have any padding so my boobs could lay there just fine,” MaCaked Up told her followers.


She added: “It zips up at the back and is also small in size. So it fits perfectly. So cute, 14/10 recommend.”

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the viral look.

“You literally look like a Victorian painting, and it’s so cute!” wrote one viewer.


Another subscriber said: “Oh my God, they are so cute! I’m 36F and I suck at trying to find cute things. Good find.”

“Hey I’m 32DDD too and mine does NOT look like this. I was deceived,” commented a third person.

TikToker highly recommended the Victoria's Secret corset.


TikToker highly recommended the Victoria’s Secret corset.Credit: TikTok/maked_up

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