January 27, 2023

The WOMAN chose a unique name for her daughter, but people say she might as well call her “toilet.”

Anonymous Reddit user @m_will shared a baby name. show message what they stumbled upon.



The woman gave her daughter a unique name, but people say she should have just called her “toilet.”1 credit

Parents said that they were stuck between two names for the final decision, and came to a compromise.

“We named our daughter Latrina,” they said.

“Katrina is too ordinary, and Larisa is too old.”

The people in the dropdown post indicated that this name was not a good choice for a very good reason.


“Latryna means “toilet” in some European languages, but it sounds cool,” one commenter warned.

Others were less forgiving of their criticism.

“You literally named your daughter after a toilet,” said another.


“Well done,” they said sarcastically.

Other viewers of the post agreed with their opinion.

“Even in English, lavatory is a word, and everyone thinks about it,” agreed a third.


“Poor child.”

“John would like to talk,” joked a fourth.

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