January 27, 2023

DEAR DEIDRE: I FOUND a pair of black stockings in the bathroom and lace panties in the bedroom.

Neither, so I’m worried my boyfriend is having an affair.


When I asked him about the items, his reaction did not match, so now I follow his every move.

I am 33 years old and my partner is 35. We have been together for three years.

I thought we had a great relationship until I returned from a two week stay with my parents.

When I came home and went to wash, I found these stockings in plain sight, lying on the floor.


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I don’t wear or recognize this brand so I knew they weren’t mine.


My partner denied knowing how they got there.

He assured me that he didn’t cheat.

He suggested that they might have been thrown away because of the freestanding tub, but that didn’t make sense since they didn’t have cobwebs or dust on them. They looked untouched.


Then he simply dropped the topic and continued as usual.

But of course he must be as curious as I am about how they got there.

A week later, while putting away some fresh linen, I came across a pair of women’s panties hidden under his bed.

His explanation? They must belong to someone who rented our house before us and fell out of some corner.

It doesn’t add up. I am very confused as my partner has always been reliable, honest and trustworthy.

Now I doubt my own reasoning. I can’t help but think that a woman came to him.

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DEIDRA SAYS: I’m not sure your boyfriend would leave tights and new panties in plain sight if he was having an affair.

Instead, it looks like he is trying to tell you something, leaving clues to hint at his news.

Did you think he could change clothes instead?

If so, this will be a painful mystery to him, and he may well hope that you will sort it out.

If he changes clothes, these are deeply rooted feelings that are part of his personality.

Like many men, he may feel the need to express his feminine side, and this is his way out.

It doesn’t have to be sexy, and it doesn’t mean he’s bisexual or gay. He will still be the same person you love.

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