January 27, 2023

DEAR DADRE: I STOP dating my new boyfriend after my ex found out and threatened both of us.

I’m 38 and my ex is 41. We’ve been together for five years, during which he constantly sent messages to a lot of other women asking for sexual favors.


He denied everything, but I found photos on his phone that proved everything.

We broke up, and he took the rejection badly.

He harassed me, harassed me with calls, text messages and emails – in any way he could get me.

It’s been almost a year now and I thought I was finally able to start over.


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I met someone new and was so happy until my ex found out.


He started spreading lies and even threatened us.

Eventually it got so bad that I got scared and felt like I had no other choice but to go to the police.

Unfortunately, I felt like I had no choice, so I ended up with my new man.


I can not do it anymore.

My girlfriend's family won't stop criticizing me

DEIDRA SAYS: First of all, you need to break the destructive power of the former over your life.

He can come and go from your life as he pleases, destroying any relationship you build at his will.

Persecution is against the law.

Block him on all social networks and on your phone, but keep records of the abuse in case they are needed as evidence.

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