January 27, 2023

Mom opens up about how she turned to OnlyFans to help with her rising energy bills and her maternity leave.

Sophie Morris, 24, lives at home with her partner, three-year-old and 12-week-old children.



Sophie is happy to have found OnlyFans
Money allowed mom to continue her studies


Money allowed mom to continue her studies

She earns £600 a month for maternity but realized that this would not be enough to pay her bills and also fund the two college courses she enrolled in.

So this summer, she took the bold step of entering the adult entertainment industry and has never looked back.

Sophie says: “I am currently on maternity leave which is only £600 a month so I need some extra income.

“I am also currently studying National 5 Math and Higher English and this helps pay for my courses as well as the cost of increasing electricity bills.

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“It works well in college and with kids, I can do it from home and I can do it in my free time.

“It’s really hard work. It’s not easy money all at once. You have to spend hours and hours and hours creating content.

“A lot of people don’t think that sex work is a real job, that it’s super easy money, that it’s generally easy work.


“It really isn’t. You have to create content, post on multiple social networks a day, reply to dozens of posts.

“Most people just want to hang out with you, they don’t even want to buy or follow you.

“A lot of people are also trying to get free content from you. You will be offended if you set boundaries.


“I actually make people haggle with my prices because they don’t think I’m worth the price I’m taking.

“But OnlyFans takes 20 percent of everything, even tips, and then when it’s converted to pounds, you get very little from the sale.”

Sophie started her new career in July when she was contacted by someone interested in giantess content.

They paid her around £5 a minute for videos of her eating food and pretending to have tiny people in it.

Since then, it has moved on, and now she feels more confident than ever.

Sophie explains: “It’s been three months now and I can’t handle solo content, mostly fetish stuff like giantesses, lactation, spitting and throats.

“I charge $10 for a minute of video and people ask me all sorts of things.

“I think people’s fetishes are really interesting and cool.

“I’ve had people asking me to pretend I have telekinesis, pretend I ate them, they asked me for a video of me filling glasses with my breast milk.”

Mom adds: “I suffered from depression and anxiety for years and suffered from terrible self-esteem.

“It made me feel beautiful and helped my confidence grow so much.

“Other women have told me that my self-confidence helped them too.

“I have pretty bad stretch marks on my belly from pregnancy and surgery, so it helped me with that as well.

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“My partner is incredibly supportive of it.

“He has noticed a significant improvement in my mental health and encourages me to find joy, and he is especially happy because I can get an education too.”

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