January 27, 2023

The dad who stumbled upon the burning taxi was shocked to the core to find out his daughter was inside him.

Kevin Pollard was walking home from work around 6 am on Tuesday when he saw a burning cabin and puffs of smoke.



Kevin Pollard was shocked to the core when the burning cab he found in Huddersfield was actually carrying his daughter.1 credit
Luckily, Kevin's daughter managed to get out before the taxi caught fire.


Luckily, Kevin’s daughter managed to get out before the taxi caught fire.1 credit

He called 999 and then his daughter to tell her to avoid the area before she went to work in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

He said YorkshireLive: “The whole front of the car was on fire. It got worse every second.”

But, to his horror, the daughter said that she had already left home.

And then she told him that she had been in a taxi engulfed in flames moments before hell broke out.


Fortunately, she managed to get out after the taxi driver stopped when smoke began to rise from under the hood.

She managed to catch the bus the rest of the way to make it to her first day of work after Christmas.

Kevin approached the driver, who was unharmed, and called the fire brigade, which his father did.


Firefighters extinguished the fire, but the car could not be saved.

Speaking after the incident, the shocked dad said, “My daughter is fine.

“It’s the last thing you expect when you go to work in the morning.”


The Sun Online has reached out to the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service for comment.

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