January 31, 2023

A food and travel expert has identified the best food to order on a flight based on the airline.

In-flight dining is rarely a culinary extravaganza, but there are ways to make the food you get taste better.



A tourism expert recommends ordering “native cuisine” from the onboard menu.1 credit

Melissa Leong, cookbook editor and frequent traveller, said The escape that passengers should study the on-board menu before traveling so that vacationers know what to expect from their meals.

The Australian broadcaster understood that many passengers were more inclined to opt for more “Eurocentric” food, but she encouraged them to try the airline’s local cuisine and even recommended some of her favorites from years of travel.

She said, “For example, Thai Airways curries are really quite good.

“Japan Airlines bento boxes are super cute and perfect for people who like to eat lots of small snacks/okazu.”


Melissa encouraged passengers to eat these options because they are often better than the alternatives.

While many long-haul flights offer free meals, many vacationers take food on board with them.

She said, “I’m here to tell you that no one cares if you bring your own food.”


A frequent traveler recommended removing food from carry-on luggage and putting it on a separate tray at airport security to make the process easier.

If you’d like to bring your own food on board, Melissa has several suggestions, including yoghurts and frozen smoothies that are under 100ml.

Melissa also recommended packing a mix of sweet and savory snacks.


She said: “Our taste buds appreciate us in the air and it’s always a good idea to take both options with you to stay full.

Dark chocolate, dates, almonds, veggie snacks, and sarnies are all good options, but be sure to skip the onions and garlic.

If you really want to take your taste buds with you on a flight, try putting a wedge of lemon or lime in a refillable water bottle.

In the meantime, an airplane food expert has recommended avoiding pasta-based meals on the plane.

The woman told how she always avoids bad food on planes.

And one tourist explained how she uses free food at the airport to get better food in the air.

Melissa also recommends bringing almonds, dark chocolate, and veggie snacks.


Melissa also recommends bringing almonds, dark chocolate, and veggie snacks.1 credit

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