January 31, 2023

FASHIONISTA has shared the most flattering bikinis you can wear to complete your curvy figure.

Bonnie Wyrick, known as @bonniewyrick on TikTok, reveals the secrets behind Swimsuits For All’s best sized swimwear while trying on some of the brand’s 14/16 size options.



Fashionista Bonnie Wyrick showed her subscribers one plus size swimsuit.1 credit
Bonnie loves the flattering frills of this white set, but she cautions shoppers to order a size down, as the influencers love the size 16 top.


Bonnie loves the flattering frills of this white set, but she cautions shoppers to order a size down, as the influencers love the size 16 top.1 credit

in videoshe appreciates a yellow swimsuit with a cutout, thin ruffles and a high waist.

The “little skin” showing through the suit makes it a favorite.

The brand’s white strappy ruffle bikini set offers “great coverage” on the abs and thighs, creating a bottom that Bonnie says is “so flattering.”

A black vintage-style two-piece swimsuit from Swimsuits For All excites Bonnie because, she says, her “buns look so good” in it.


She is pleased with the “look into the eyes” that the tailoring of the suit and the back cover offer.

“This is probably one of the best swimsuits I’ve ever worn,” she exclaims.

In a recent episode of Shein, Caitlin Moore, @sassandcelulite on TikTok, tried on her favorite brand’s summer clothes to see which options are best for a fuller figure.


I ordered a few swimsuits from Shein… I couldn’t resist.”

“Okay, first we have peaches. I love this top, I think it’s really fun, good coverage, it feels supportive.”

However, she notes: “I’m not entirely sure about this rise, it’s not quite high, it’s not quite low – he doesn’t know what he wants to be.”


It’s cute, a little cheeky – what do we think?

Caitlin then tries on a two-tone one-shoulder bikini with ties.

“I love the colors on this,” she says enthusiastically. “I don’t remember how it’s worn…”

Caitlin then turns her attention to a soft pink bikini – only she struggles to figure out how to put it on.

“That can’t be,” she laughs. “Apparently, I had to intervene in this. This is strange”.

What do we think about it? The back is nice, and I want the front.”

The post has since racked up an impressive 270,000 views and has been inundated with comments.

“You literally look amazing in all of them!” wrote one.

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Another praised, “The peaches look so perfect – definitely my favorite.”

And the other enthusiastically: “You look AWESOME in the first one! I love white too! Maybe it will become softer with washing?

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