January 27, 2023

CONCEALER is a common staple in any skincare routine, and the makeup guru shared some insight into the area of ​​your face that you shouldn’t apply a key product to.

Taking to social media, Kat James detailed exactly where you shouldn’t use it as it can make you look older.



Makeup artist shares area where concealer should never be usedCredit: TIKTOK/shinebeautymalibu
It might make you look older


It might make you look olderCredit: TIKTOK/shinebeautymalibu

“Firstly, wrinkles cannot be hidden,” James emphasized.

“[Instead, you should conceal] darkness and discoloration that usually occurs in this area of ​​your eye,” she said, referring to the inner area under the eyes. declared that the use of concealer should be limited to this place.

The makeup artist advised not to apply concealer in one specific place – in the corner of the eye, where people usually get crow’s feet.

As for getting rid of those pesky crow’s feet, the woman said “a great eye cream” should be used.

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Previously, James also shared three skincare products you’ll need to reverse aging.

“It is so simple. ABC. Let’s start with “A,” she said in the video.

The first product that James called a must-have for anti-aging skin care is retin-A.


“You need some kind of retinol. It will gently exfoliate, help with fine lines, wrinkles, textures, pores. Retin-A,” she said.

She moved on to the next item on her list, vitamin B.

“B” is the B vitamin, known as niacinamide. What does niacinamide do? It helps create a liquid barrier on the skin that helps retain moisture. [and] hydration.


“It’s also great for texture, pores – kind of oil control and normalizing the balance of your skin.”

The last item on James’s list is the letter “C” of the ABC – vitamin C.

“Vitamin C. What does it do? C is an antioxidant. There are substances in the air called free radicals. They attack the structure of your skin, causing aging.

“Vitamin C protects you from this process. It is also very lightening – helping with pigmentation known as sun spots. ABC.

The makeup artist advised against applying concealer to the corners of the eyes, where people tend to get crow's feet.


The makeup artist advised against applying concealer to the corners of the eyes, where people tend to get crow’s feet.Credit: TIKTOK/shinebeautymalibu

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