January 27, 2023

THIS bodybuilder showed what she looks like when she takes off her sweatshirt to work out and looks unrecognizable.

Jennifer Weiss writes about health and fitness on her TikTok account.



This female bodybuilder transformed out of her sweatshirt to show off some gym photos.Credit: TikTok/jennifer_weissheim
These photos showed the muscles that she had under her sweatshirt.


These photos showed the muscles that she had under her sweatshirt.Credit: TikTok/jennifer_weissheim

In a recent video she showed her viewers her “MOST” gym photos, which are among the best photos she has in the gym.

She starts the video lying in bed in a white hoodie.

None of her muscles are visible until she moves on to the gym photos.

In the first photo, she is wearing red shorts and a black top that she pulls up to show off her abs.


You can also see her massive leg muscles and the definition of her arms.

She then shows her back muscles in the second photo.

In this photo, she is wearing a spaghetti strap top to show off her arms, shoulders, and back, which she has grown.


The last two photos show most of her muscles when looking at the front of her body.

Her viewers commented in German.

One person wrote that she was “perfetta”, which means “perfect” in German.


According to the English translation, another commentator asked Weiss to marry them.

While Weiss viewers may have enjoyed pictures of her in sportswear, another woman was called out for working out without a bra.

A woman took to Reddit to share her story after a boyfriend approached her and gave her an unsubstantiated comment.

According to the messages of the woman on I’m an ass forumthe man approached her when she was in the middle of a squat.

“A guy comes up to me, pats me on the shoulder to get attention, and says that my nipples are sticking out from under my shirt,” she recalls.

She told Reddit users that she was without a bra but was wearing a loose T-shirt.

The guy told her that in the future she should wear a bra so that others would not be uncomfortable.

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She finally told him, “Your breasts and nipples are bigger than mine.” Maybe YOU should wear a bra so people don’t get uncomfortable and fail your squats.”

According to the woman, the guy then became “defended” and called her a “bitch.”

She pulled up her shirt to show off her bulging abs.


She pulled up her shirt to show off her bulging abs.Credit: TikTok/jennifer_weissheim

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