January 27, 2023

FANS of his darker nature were left open-mouthed by Coulter’s shocking deceit and betrayal by estranged partner Asriel.

The third series of the BBC hit continued tonight as Will and Lyra continued their mission in the Land of the Dead.



Coulter makes a big decision1 credit
Shock betrayal shocked the heroes


Shock betrayal shocked the heroes1 credit

However, as Lyra set out on her own journey, Coulter (Ruth Wilson) became increasingly worried as she revealed that Lyra was in grave danger of being hurt and killed and begged her father, Asriel, played by James McAvoy, for help.

Since Coulter and Asriel are on bad terms, she had to prove herself to him by saying that she would help Asriel if he spared her from being bound and chained as his prisoner, and so he agrees to help in the quest to find and protect Lear.

However, deceit and lies are always just around the corner, and soon the newly-made union has already begun to disintegrate.

After Coulter chose not to inform Asriel of his knowledge of the broken knife currently in Will’s possession, Asriel confronted her and pointed out her dishonesty.


After an exchange of words, Azriel told her that he was no longer protecting Lyra or looking for her, which greatly upset Coulter.

Despite this, amid many twists and turns, Coulter and Azriel seem to have put their differences behind them once again when he showed her his angel captive, Alarbos.

In a dramatic fashion, Asriel tortured the angel as he screamed when Azriel demands that he deliver a message to Metatron.


He shouted: “I’m here!”

Seeing his manic tendencies, Coulter is fed up and decides it’s time to turn on Asrael once and for all.

As she slipped away, she managed to steal the Ship of Intention to find Lyra, ruining Asriel and his gang’s plans in the process.


As they pointed their guns at Coulter on the plane, she gave them one more look before quietly saying, “Goodbye, Asriel.”

In doing so, she disappeared into the ether as Asriel’s behavior and intentions are questioned.

Fans of the fantasy drama were left stunned at home as Coulter stood up for herself.

One said: “Great scene between Asriel and Mrs Coulter. #HisDarkMaterials #Join us.”

Another added: “The power of the scenes between Ruth and James cannot be measured on any scale. #HisDarkMaterials.”

While a third commented, “Those scenes with Marisa and Asriel make me choke. #HisDarkMaterials.”

His Dark Materials airs Sundays at 7pm on BBC One.

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