January 31, 2023

Meghan Markle accused of ‘peddling conspiracy theories’, says Anne Widdecombe

Exclusive from Matt Wilkinson, Royal Correspondent

Meghan Markle has been accused of “peddling conspiracy theories” after she dragged former Conservative MP Anne Widdecombe into her attacks on the royal family.


Moaning Meg, 41, will accuse Buckingham Palace of spreading negative stories about her in the media today in her $100 million Netflix series.

Viewers will be told that there was a “war against Meghan” with “negative briefing against Harry and Meghan from the palace”.

But in a trailer released yesterday in an attempt to get the point across, Netflix used a front-page story about Anne Widdecombe calling Meg a “trouble” while she was on Big Brother in 2018.

Sources say it’s preposterous to believe that a palace courtier snuck into Big Brother’s house to brief Anne or leak the words televised to millions to the press.


A stunned Anne told The Sun: “If she believes Buckingham Palace briefed me or told the newspapers a comment I made that was broadcast on TV, then she’s paranoid.

“If she does not believe in this, then she deliberately sells conspiracy theories that have no real basis.

“I said it in Big Brother, but it wasn’t about race. In fact, she was a moderately successful Hollywood actress who had never lived in this country, knew nothing about the royal family, and was already divorced after two years of marriage.


“Remembering that it is difficult to marry a member of the royal family, I said that there would be problems with her. But social media took off.

“What this has to do with Buckingham Palace, I can’t imagine. It was me, Anne Widdecombe, not the palace.

“They didn’t have to leak anything. I said it on national television.


“This is blatant nonsense. I had no contact with Buckingham Palace or anyone else. It didn’t leak, it aired in prime time.”

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