January 27, 2023

Needless to say, we’d like to give a HUGE thanks to all of our contributors and local businesses who support the magazine with ads, photos, articles, and more. Without their continued support, there would be no Consett magazine.

In this massive 20-page release, we’ve got content from start to finish, starting with the local business goods company sponsoring Consett Steel’s youth soccer team on page 5.


Lorraine Weightman looks towards the winter solstice and explores the Danish secret to hygge on page 7.

Consett in Focus Photography did the front cover again and more can be seen on pages 10 and 11.

During these difficult times, a local company is offering free mortgage advice, read more on page 14.

Hub in Consett aims to bring people and businesses together, opening later than usual starting in December, read more on page 17.


Restore old and damaged photos to original or better quality on page 19.

If you have a story, issue, photo, or poem that you would like published, please feel free to email us: [email protected]

Advertise your business or event from £69 per month.


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