January 31, 2023

FANS of Traitors everyone had the same complaint as the winners were revealed in the final episode, which was like a bombshell.

Host Claudia Winkleman watched the psychological contest as the contestants tried to figure out who was really the Faithful and who was secretly trying to get them – the Traitors.



The Traitors winners Aaron, Meryl and Hannah with show host Claudia Winkleman.1 credit
All fans of the show had the same complaints about Meryl.


All fans of the show had the same complaints about Meryl.1 credit

The traitor Wilf was exposed at the last moment, losing the £101,050 prize money, which was instead split between Hannah, Meryl and Aaron.

Viewers flocked to social media following the finale of the BBC One reality show.

And they all said the same thing about 25-year-old contestant Meryl Williams from Edinburgh.

One wrote: “I don’t mean to be terrible, but Meryl doesn’t really deserve it. She just followed the pack. I would like it to be Amos, Maddie and Aaron.”

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Another groaned, “Meryl doesn’t deserve money. I said what I said.”

A third added: “As Meryl walks away with £33,000, she’s been useless throughout the series.”

A fourth commented, “It had to be split in two because Meryl didn’t contribute much.”


Fifth option: “Joke, Meryl won. I just voted for who everyone else voted for.”

Meryl, who recently bought her first home, said she would use the prize money to renovate the house and treat her loved ones to the holiday.

Meryl also hopes to become TV presenteras show host Claudia Winkleman.


She said, “I work in a call center as a customer service agent and I really want to break into the TV and journalism industry by giving presentations.

“I’m going to use this time and money to do this.”

We told how the audience branded one of the finalists as a “fake” after a crucial moment in the last minutes of the final.

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