January 27, 2023

A FANATIC ally of Vladimir Putin who once threatened to wipe Europe out with a nuclear strike was wounded in a Ukrainian attack on his birthday.

Dmitriy Rogozin, described as “despicable” by one Russia expert, is a former minister who was nicknamed “Mr Hypersound” for his support of the Satan II nuclear missile.



Dmitry Rogozin came to the attention of Ukraine1 credit
Rogozin once threatened to wipe Europe off the face of the earth with a nuclear attack


Rogozin once threatened to wipe Europe off the face of the earth with a nuclear attack1 credit

As a result of the shelling, a 59-year-old man received shrapnel wounds to the head, thigh and buttocks, as a result of which two people died and six were injured.

“The shrapnel hit within a centimeter of the spine,” he added, “I will live.”

At the party was a nationalist MP Alexei Zhuravlev with his assistant, who was wounded.

He said the Putin fanatic and a group of military advisers were staying at a hotel in Donetsk, an area occupied by Ukraine and later annexed by Russia, when they were targeted.


“We have also stayed there several times. It almost became a fatal mistake. The Ukrainians must have noticed this, they hit the building with direct fire.”

According to a Russian journalist who was present, Rogozin was hit by an aimed strike from rocket artillery or a long-range Excalibur projectile.

Russia expert Christo Grozev of investigative journalism organization Bellingcat called Rogozin “one of the most contemptible Russian politicians.”


He alone “famously promised to arrive in Paris in a tank” and “has a penetrating shrapnel wound in the buttock”, which “many say is beautiful.”

Back in June, he issued a chilling warning after Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was not allowed to travel to Serbia on a two-day trip.

Rogozin spoke out after Bulgaria, Romania and Montenegro closed their airspace to stop his flight, warning that they would not be able to stop the 208-ton rocket.


In response to the flight ban, Rogozin, a former deputy prime minister and Putin super-loyalist, said: “You know what the Sarmat is good for?

“He will not ask for permission to fly from Bulgarian cowards, vengeful Romanians and Montenegrins who have betrayed our common history.”

He warned that the same applies to Sweden, which intends to join NATO.

Rogozin drew attention to a 26-foot-deep hole made by a Satan-2 nuclear bomb without an atomic warhead at a test site in Kamchatka.

He ranted: “With a nuclear charge, such a funnel at an enemy facility would be, well, very large and very deep – and radioactive.

“It remains only to advise the aggressors to speak more politely with Russia.”

Rogozin also threatened to cause “the death of the International Space Station” in a venomous spat with one of NASA’s most notorious former astronauts, Scott Kelly.

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