January 27, 2023

WHITE Christmas And white White New Year in Scotland – four more hard frosts this winter and -18C colder than last week.

The Met Office predicts that after a slight gust, arctic air will return to Scotland for Christmas with snow.



Heavy snowfall will hit Glasgow and Edinburgh ahead of a white Christmas.Credit: Les Gallagher
Weather maps show the country will be covered in snow by this Christmas


Weather maps show the country will be covered in snow by this Christmas1 credit

Heavy snow is expected on Boxing Day in Glasgow and Edinburgh, according to BBC Weather.

The Met Office has warned of massive overnight frosts until New Year’s Eve, snowfall in Scotland and nighttime temperatures well below freezing.

An even longer cold spell is expected in January, with two additional late winter chills to follow in February and March, according to The Weather Company, the world’s largest commercial forecaster.

Each cold snap will last at least four days, with snow and ice warnings in freezing conditions.

Scots to face 13C spring weather days before White Christmas
Incredibly rare 'pancake ice' forms near Scots Falls ahead of heavy snowfall

After -17.3°C in Scotland last week, an even colder low of -18°C is expected in January, according to forecasters.

A Met Office forecaster said: “Christmas weekend is characterized by cold air, winter showers and increased risk of more significant snowfall in the north, and milder conditions with likely rain and showers in the south.

“But where the border will be is very unclear.


“As we move into the New Year, colder conditions are more likely to prevail, with winter showers in the north and the potential for a more stable period of below-average temperatures, potential for widespread night frosts and very low temperatures with any snow cover. ”

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Leon Brown, head of meteorological operations at the Weather Channel division of Weather, said: “It looks like it will get colder from the north again by Christmas.

“In January, a long cold period is expected.


“It could very well be colder than last week as the Arctic is colder in January than in December. -18°C will not be a surprise.

“Further cold snaps are expected in February and again in March.

“It’s not normal to have a colder pattern from last week in December and Arctic air is expected to return closer to winter.”

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