January 31, 2023

Reporting Bring Me the News Kristin Schuster what Elko New Market residents resist California company I plan to build city ​​water bottling plant.

Duluth News Tribune staff report: Duluth Mayor Emily Larson to run for third term as mayor of Zenith City of the unsalted sea.

MPR Updraft Blog It has winter storm update by Sven Sundgaard.

North News reports Ajaela Hanson. that the North Minneapolis food regiments are struggling to keep up with rising food insecurity.


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This is reported by Tim Nelson of MPR. local human rights activist Nekima Levi Armstrong is recovering from surgery after an eye exam revealed a brain tumor. “Levi Armstrong said she had blurry vision in one eye and went in for an eye exam in July,” says Nelson.

Melody Hoffmann of Southwest Voices writes About Forum last night at Southwest High School with new MPD Police Chief Brian O’Hara. He spoke about youth violence, police policies and improving community relations.


Becky Dernbach of the Sahan Journal writes: what Somali families discuss new rules for the Burnsville-Egan-Savage School District to support transgender students. “The policy includes a clause to maintain the confidentiality of a student’s transgender identity, including from the student’s parents, unless the student has authorized the school to share this information,” Dernbach said.

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