January 31, 2023

A WOMAN has discovered an incredible theft of pregnancy tests at Dollar Tree, but they are even cheaper at Walmart.

She shared a profitable find in video with over 58 thousand TikTok followers.



Woman Found Affordable $1 Pregnancy Tests at Dollar TreeCredit: TikTok/@rainbowbabychasing
The price of the test has since risen to $1.25, and a cheaper version can be found at Walmart.


The price of the test has since risen to $1.25, and a cheaper version can be found at Walmart.Credit: TikTok/@rainbowbabychasing

A follower in a comment mentioned her about a cheap pregnancy test.

“Dude, Dollar Tree, they work the same and cost $1,” they said.

She ran to the nearest Dollar Tree to make sure.

“God, guys, I fell into a trap,” she said.

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She pointed her camera at a wall of incredibly affordable pink test cases in boxes.

“Finally found a pregnancy test at the dollar store,” she said.

Her viewers shared their reactions in the comments.


“I honestly used them during all three of my pregnancies and they were right,” said one woman.

Others, however, have come up with an even cheaper alternative.

“They only cost $0.88 at Walmart but I have never had a false negative, they work great, they are what they use in the doctor’s office,” said one commenter.


“Love the Walmart 0.88 tests!” said the other.

“These tests and the 88 cent Walmart tests are THE BEST, better than the expensive ones because they require less hormones to detect pregnancy,” said a third.

However, since she made the video, the price of the same Dollar Tree pregnancy test has risen slightly to $1.25 for the test.

Walmart versionhowever, costs just over $1 at $1.16, making it cheaper than the $1.25 Dollar Tree version.

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